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FOREST HILLS - middle of town, between Market and Wrightsville

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One of the many gracious, classic homes along Forest Hills Drive, this home was updated in 2008, is around 2500 square feet and has a garage apartment.
Prices range from 200k - $1 mil
Average home size is 2800 sq ft
Average lot size is .5 acre
Most homes built 1930 - 1950

Forest Hills has long been one of Wilmington's most prestigious neighborhoods. The ride along Forest Hills drive offers one of the more picturesque scenes in the region. Tree lined streets and sidewalks front stately, classic homes and well landscaped yards. One of the traditions of this old Wilmington neighborhood is to place candles alongside the road on Christmas Eve, making it a popular showcase for the holiday.

Negatives: Older homes require more maintenance, though most of the homes in this area have been beautifully maintained.


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