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If you look at a graph showing sales per month over the course of a year, the evidence is clear that substantially more homes are sold between March and October. From November to February, the number of home sales drops quite a bit. So the prevailing logic with many sellers is to not list their home in the winter months.
The problem with that logic is that the graph showing inventory trends moves in exactly the opposite direction. There are more buyers during the March - October time period, but there are also a lot more homes on the market then.

If you are really motivated to sell your home, the winter months mean less competition. Buyers who are looking during this time period are also typically more serious. So you may have less showings if you have your home listed during this time, but you have a more serious buyers who has less choices, which increases your chances of selling.

I also firmly believe that you will never sell to a buyer who doesn't get the chance. Even if you only have a 20% chance of selling to a given buyer, you have 0% chance if you aren't on the market. If you really want to sell, keep your house on the market, keep it clean and ready to show, and do everything you can to improve the looks and quality of your home.

Remember, it only takes one!

"If you are looking for a house, I know where some are...."

Wade Wilson, Realtor

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